A lot more features. A lot less space.
Let's be realistic: what's the point of having a pocket projector if it can't even offer you the same performance, quality, and functionality you'd expect from a typical normal-sized projector? With Qumi, you get what you expect from a real projector, plus a whole lot more. Not only will Qumi perform exceptionally well (also in 3D), but it comes prepared with connectivity options and is even expandable, so it's ready to put on a show whenever and wherever you need to. And just to think, when Qumi's in the moment, it manages to look great too. To learn more, click on a feature link below.
HD 720p Resolution
With a resolution this good, you can easily project sharp 90-inch (Qumi Q2 Lite, Qumi Q5) 107-inch (Qumi Q7) high-definition image to watch your favorite HD movies and TV shows, view digital photos crisply, or play your latest 3D video game. Plus, thanks to BrilliantColor™ technology, you're guaranteed colors just as sharp as the resolution.
HD picture quality, brightness of 800 ANSI Lumen and 30,000:1 contrast ratio (Qumi Q7), guarantees a projected image of up to 107" (diagonal) and comparative performance with a standard meeting room projector.
Estimated 30,000 hours of operation
Nope, the extra zero in '30,000' is not a typo folks. Because of Qumi's LED technology, the Qumi's 'lamp life' is estimated to last an astonishing 30,000 hours! You'll likely be buying the next generation Qumi before needing to replace this bight and efficient LED.
3D-Ready via DLP Link™
Partnering with Texas Instruments, and featuring DLP Link technology, Qumi seamlessly shares data and content with active 3D glasses. This data sharing enables the projector to send 3D information to the glasses in between each frame of video. This creates the 3D effect, giving the user an immersive viewing experience.
The Qumi is easy to use, connects to HDMI, VGA, AV-in, and also allows to project presentations and other files directly from a USB flash drive*, using the onboard multimedia and Office viewer*. It even has a built-in WebBrowser*, making it the first "Smart-Projector" by using the WiFi Qumi Dongle to connect to a WAP (Wireless Access Point) with Internet access. This WiFi Dongle also allows the Qumi for wireless projections From a smartphone, tablet or laptop*

*Not available for the Qumi Q2Lite

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USB and WIFI* connect for content and memory expansion
With Qumi, you don't nessessarly need a cable connected to a laptop, phone, or other device to view your important photos and content. If you have a USB thumb drive, directly connect it to Qumi's USB port to access your stuff. Use Qumi to navigate through your files, or simply launch a slide show to automatically.

*WIFI Dongle sold separately
Qumi Document Viewer + Remote
Content located on USB thumb drives can be easily accessed through Qumi Document Viewer. View PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF documents without connecting to a computer! To browse and navigate through files, listen to your MP3/WAV audio files and watch your favorite videos (MPEG-4, H.264, DivxTM, WMV), you can use the controls on Qumi, or use the handy remote controller that comes included.
Pocket-sized & weighing
Small enough and light enough to go where you go: the Qumi LED Pocket Projector packs a big punch in a small case without sacrificing versatility and function. Qumi is ideal for recreational traveling, on-the-fly business presentations, sharing videos and photos with friends, and much more.
Illuminated control buttons
Qumi is even stylish when the lights are out with it's cool-toned illuminated control buttons. No need to struggle trying to see buttons in the dark, just let Qumi light your way.
Colorful Options

In addition to black and white, the Q5 offers other choices of colors including blue, red or yellow finishes.
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