How will you use Qumi?
With a projector as small, versatile and powerful as the Vivitek Qumi, suddenly the idea of carrying a projector with
you wherever you go doesn't sound like such a bad idea. For instance, you could take Qumi to work with you for a presentation, to a meeting with a client, and then home to watch a movie or play video games with the family, all in the same day. Because it is small and light enough to easily carry inside your laptop case, purse, or coat pocket, don't be surprised if you find Qumi becoming part of your everyday digital life.
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Share your special moments with family and friends. With the Qumi projectors, show off photos, videos and more from various devices, including digital still or video cameras, smart phones, laptop/netbooks, tablets or even USB flash drives.
Enhance your portable gaming experience with the Qumi. Play your favorite video games on-the-go by connecting the Qumi to any system with video output on a screen as large 90 inches (diagonal). You can even expand the gaming experience in 3D through a DLP® Link™ system.
Qumi simplifies your presentation options. With their brightness levels, portability and connectivity options, Qumi LED projectors are ready to impress. Hook up the Qumi to your work notebook, netbook or tablet, or even a USB flash drive, for easy access to content.
Play, entertain and charm your friends and family with videos, television programs, clips and movies. By connecting the Qumi to various media devices, you can show off your latest creation or discovery. Be the life of the party by providing never-ending amusement.
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